Growing your brand into a global franchise

We’re out to create inspiring and engaging stories that you love. We use our expertise, scale, and capabilities, to transform some of the internet’s higher potential creations into leading brands.


Animaj's playbook

1. Evaluate expansion potential

Our team analyses in details market trends and channels data, while we discuss development ideas with content creators to fully grasp brand expansion potential.

As we invest significant financial and human ressources behind the creations we back, we need to build strong conviction that we can grow your company exponentially.

We want to build a leading platform with quality contents that elevate children. This implies being highly rigorous in our evaluation process and focus on companies that share common values.

2. Define a common strategy

After a transaction, we put brands through a detailed review process that positions it for success.

Our internal experts work alongside our external partners on distribution strategy, localization for internationalisation, marketing plan, licensing and merchandising opportunities.

Creators can continue to focus on universes, characters, and stories, while Animaj experts focus on expansion, always in partnership with creators.

3. Identify actionable insights from data analysis

Our data science team will work to identify optimization levers.

Evaluating audience demographics and consumption habits will help :
- Tailor content to create leading IPs
- Optimize distribution schedules
- Fill audience gaps

4. Apply the Animaj playbook

Animaj approach is to bring value without disrupting the creative process.

Our strategy includes:
- Distribution: scaling distribution channels across 30+ platforms
- Internationalisation: high expertise at localizing content (post-production editing of content to fit local market)
- New revenue streams: build out new avenues via music, licensing and merchandising

5. Explore further upsides

Multiple other opportunities to be discussed with creators, including new productions and spin-off creations based on data analytics, leveraging existing audiences


Let's talk about scaling your creations.