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We are media and entertainment veterans, animation creators, digital marketing experts, successful entrepreneurs and experienced investors. And we’re building the ultimate gateway between talented content creators and wide-eyed young audiences everywhere.

Our team

Gilles Gaillard

Co-Founder, COO

A veteran in kids’ animation, Gilles has (served as CEO) founded and lead Mikros Animation and then became Senior Vice President and Member of the Executive Committee at Technicolor Animation & Games, where he led content production expansion to premium distributors (from studios to SVOD platforms).

I believe the ANIMAJ model is the future of the entertainment industry. Supporting creative minds and refocusing them on imagination by investing in them and facilitating distribution, growth, and production partnership is the best alliance possible.
– Gilles Gaillard,
Co-founder, COO


Sixte de Vauplane
Partner, CEO
Jemuel Durand
Partner, Chief M&A Officer
Gilles Gaillard
Partner, COO
Gregory Dray
Partner, Chief Business Officer
Axel Ganosa
Head of Digital Growth
Nour Zerelli
Head of Video Prod. Operations
Jeanne Stra
Head of Finance
Antoine Lhermitte
Head of Data