Picture a new future in animation.

We want to stimulate the minds of young generations to make their world more colorful and inspiring – by flipping the script on the industry and being the best partners for independent studios.


Sixte de Vauplane
Co-Founder, CEO
Jemuel Durand
Co-Founder, Chief M&A Officer
Gilles Gaillard
Co-Founder, COO
Gregory Dray
Co-Founder, Chief Business Officer
Axel Ganosa
Head of Digital Growth
Nour Zerelli
Head of Video Prod. Operations
Jeanne Stra
Head of Finance
Antoine Lhermitte
Head of Data
Billy Richard
Head of Creative

Our Mantras

We are media and entertainment veterans, animation creators, digital marketing experts, successful entrepreneurs and experienced investors. And we’re building the ultimate gateway between talented content creators and wide-eyed young audiences everywhere.

100% Passion

Our dreams are big, but so are our objectives. We’re aiming for nothing less than a revolution. With curiosity, innovation, and agility, we’re determined to flip the script on the industry and give power back to independent studios.

Joy of sharing

Despite all the seriousness of our work, at the end of the day, our true love is the ability to share something special. New stories that can make people smile. Unique creations that can stimulate young minds and bring color and inspiration to someone’s world.

Respect for people

Our business is all about relationships. So trust and respect are fundamental. We team up with the creators and managers we believe in. We know they’re counting on us to help expand their brand. Through mutual respect, we will succeed together. 

Upfront transparency

Nobody has time for games. We believe business moves best when everything and everyone are brutally transparent, and there’s no ambiguity about what we’re trying to achieve. We will always be open and honest in every aspect of our work.