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Selling Your YouTube Channel to Animaj (the Basics)

It’s always interesting to take a step back and reflect on the future of the universes and stories you have created. Whether you’re looking for new ideas and development plans, or you want to move your emphasis toward a new creative project, or your YouTube channel has expanded beyond the scale you wish to manage, or maybe that you are just curious about how Animaj can help develop your creations.

We are creatives and entrepreneurs ourselves, and we've learnt a lot by working with animation producers about what is important to them when partnering with an entertainment group, what creators need to know to perfectly assess an acquisition opportunity, and how to efficiently collaborate after an investment to continue create stories at a larger scale.

Our partnership approach

Our philosophy is to partner with creators and continue to build together on the work that has been accomplished by your teams.

We are a flexible partner but want to continue working together with creators. We usually suggest a transaction structure whereby the creators remain heavily incentivised financially, so that we are fully aligned and split equally the value that we will create together going forward.

Typically, creators can continue to focus on contents and creation, while the teams at Animaj will focus on marketing, merchandising, brand agreements, and scaling distribution.

How long does it take to sell my YouTube channel ?

It takes roughly 30-40 days in total. This includes the following steps:

1. LOI

After having discussed your ambitions and aligned on a common project, and after reviewing the channel analytics, we will send you a Letter of Intent (’LOI’), if we conclude that we are a good match for each other, and we want to partner to develop what you have created.

The Letter of Intent includes our proposed valuation, and a list of documents to review before we can agree and sign a transactions.

If we agree to move forward together on this basis, we sign a binding agreement after having finalised our due diligence. The few issues we had mainly relate to case of IP infringements, in which case we can not proceed.

Note: there is nothing legally binding about signing an LOI, we only agree a 30-days exclusivity period to conduct our due diligence, under a non-disclosure agreement, after which you are free to proceed or not with a transaction, at your own discretion.

2. Due Diligence

Our diligence team (composed of 4 internal specialists, 2 laywers, and 2 accountants) will review your YouTube analytics, your financial statements, and your IP and legal agreements.

Having conducted this process multiple times, we will be able to guide you through each steps. Our team has already acquired companies with handwritten financials on loose-leaf paper, so rest assured, nothing frightens us. The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that there are no legal of financial issues.

During this process you will meet with several Animaj experts (brand & creation, production, digital marketing, data and IT), so that we can better understand how to work together going forward, and how to develop your Channel and universes at an accelerated pace to reach its full potential.

3. Migration

Once we have confirmed that the legal agreements and financials are satisfactory, we will agree the final transaction documentation (’Asset Purchase Agreement’), and put the payment in an escrow account (of your choice). The migration takes about 7-14 days, and requires an official notification to Youtube. Once the lawyers confirm that the migration is finalised, they will release the funds from the escrow account to your account.

This guide is based on our previous experience and frequent questions for Youtube creators we have dealt with, but there is so much more to this partnership process and we are happy to answer any other questions you might have!

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