Paris, France – Animaj today unveils a cutting-edge, AI-assisted production workflow, a groundbreaking innovation designed for the animation industry. This release comes at a time when the generative AI space is rapidly evolving, as seen with companies like Pika Labs and Runway. However, Animaj stands out with its laser-focused, specialized approach to digital and premium children's animation.

Revolutionizing Animation for the Digital Age

The traditional animation workflow lacks scalability and is unfit  for the digital economy's dynamics. Animaj's approach, leveraging AI, aims to increase production capabilities by ten times within the next five years, echoing Jeffrey Katzenberg's prediction that AI will cut animation labor and production time by 90%​​. 

Its model, tailored to the specificity of children's animation - like non-human body proportions and unique movement styles - is trained on a proprietary database, circumventing authors’ rights issues.

Our AI workflow is not just a technological advancement; it's a strategic reshaping of the whole animation process, tailored for high-quality stories and iconic characters that captivate kids’ imaginations.” shared Animaj’s Co-Founder and CEO Sixte de Vauplane.

Distinctive Features, tailored for professional animators

  • Text-To-3D Motion: Simply type a scene and watch your characters come to life in a fully editable 3D environment. This tool bridges the gap between scripts, storyboards, and high-quality animation, offering animators the freedom to modify scenes in real-time, enhancing creativity and control.
  • Motion-To-Motion Retransfer: This transformative feature automatically adapts motions, rigs and meshes from humanoid figures to characters of any shape, slashing production time by up to 60%.
  • Text or Animatic to Motion Retrieval: This time-saving feature accelerates the animation workflow by allowing animators to quickly re-use library assets from text or animatics, maintaining the unique visual style and identity of each character.

Setting Animaj Apart: Focused on Kids' Animation

Unlike other Gen AI companies such as Pika or Runway, which targets everyday consumers, Animaj's technology is fine-tuned for professional children's animation. This specialization enables Animaj to preserve and enhance the unique DNA of its IPs, something broad-spectrum tools cannot replicate.

Our proprietary AI model, trained on an extensive database exclusive to Animaj, addresses specific challenges in kids' animation. This includes sophisticated Motion-to-Motion retransfer and character adaptation models, specifically tailored to the diverse and imaginative world of children's content.