OTTera, a leader in FAST linear and OTT application solutions, has announced a collaboration with Animaj, a next-generation kids’ media company, and Ubisoft Film & Television, the film and television division of the video game company Ubisoft. OTTera powers and delivers the immensely popular IP-based channel, Rabbids (Lapins Crétins), created by Ubisoft and distributed by Animaj to 13 countries across Europe through Samsung TV Plus.

The strategic collaboration between OTTera, Animaj, and Ubisoft Film & Television represents a momentous achievement in the streaming landscape, merging the expertise of the companies to bring the zany and hilarious world of Ubisoft Film & Television’s Rabbids Invasion animated series to an even wider audience. OTTera's full-service OTT solutions efficiently power the channel managed by Animaj and deliver the service to top-tier platforms like Samsung TV Plus with seamless precision. By leveraging OTTera's cutting-edge solutions, the Rabbids Invasion channel is now available to viewers in 13 European countries, providing them with hours of laughter and entertainment.

"We are thrilled to be in partnership with Animaj and to expand upon our partnership with Ubisoft," said Stephen L. Hodge, CEO of OTTera. "Rabbids is a fun brand with a strong following that I’m sure will bring joy to many new fans across the rapidly expanding FAST landscape."

Ubisoft Film & Television has been at the forefront of animated content creation, captivating audiences with its unique blend of humor, creativity, and imaginative storytelling. By partnering with OTTera and Animaj, it can now offer its dedicated fan base an exclusive channel dedicated to the mischievous Rabbids. This collaboration not only strengthens the bond between the brand and its audience but also introduces the Rabbids (Lapins Crétins) to new fans, including those in the UK, France, and Spain.

"Partnering with Samsung TV Plus and OTTera is a tremendous opportunity to expand the reach of Rabbids and introduce their wacky characters to new fans," said Gregory Dray, Co-Founder of Animaj. "This collaboration strengthens the bond between the series and its fan base while offering an exclusive channel dedicated to the hilarious Rabbids. We’re excited to be part of this endeavor and bring comedy and family entertainment to European audiences."

OTTera's collaboration with Animaj and Ubisoft Film & Television represents a game-changing endeavor in the streaming landscape. Through their combined efforts, the Rabbids (Lapins Crétins) channel is set to become a go-to destination for comedy and family entertainment, delighting audiences of all ages.

"We’re delighted to work with Animaj and OTTera to bring the light-hearted antics of the Rabbids to fans and newcomers to the series," said Helene Juguet, Managing Director, Ubisoft Film & Television – Paris.