Animaj, a next-generation kids’ media company, is delighted to announce the acquisition of the award-winning and iconic Spanish brand POCOYO. This significant milestone marks the beginning of Animaj’s journey to federate the most influential independent kids’ intellectual properties (IPs), capitalizing on the dynamic evolution of the children’s media industry - the rapid shift in kids’ content consumption from linear TV to digital platforms, and the emergence of AI to scale content production - to create the global franchises of tomorrow.

Celebrating its 21st anniversary, POCOYO is a beloved brand that holds a special place in the hearts of Spanish-speaking children. Through its educational content, memorable characters, and playful narratives, POCOYO has already captivated several generations of kids and parents. With a strong presence across various media platforms, including free and pay TV, VOD, mobile apps and games (100m+ downloads) as well as a massive following on YouTube (40m+ subscribers), POCOYO engages millions of children and families worldwide. 

Available in 17 different languages, the show has featured renowned voice talent from all over the world, such as Stephen Fry, Patrick Préjean and José María del Río.

"POCOYO's acquisition is not just an exciting milestone for Animaj: it's a bold step forward in our goal to reinvent the way kids’ content is developed, produced, and distributed, with a digital-first and multi-platform approach, spanning social video, video-on-demand, linear TV, licensing, merchandising, podcasts, music, and more," said Sixte de Vauplane, Co-Founder and CEO of Animaj. "We will honor the legacy of POCOYO, and we are excited to build upon the brand’s solid foundations, leveraging our expertise, technology, and relationships to expand the brand into new territories and fields."

Throughout its illustrious journey, POCOYO has received critical and popular acclaim, earning 40+ industry awards, including the Cristal at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and the BAFTA of the British Academy, both for the Best Animation Series, as well as three Pulcinella awards at the Italian Cartoons on The Bay Festival.

"POCOYO remains an emblematic global brand, beloved by children for its enchanting world and timeless appeal" added Grégory Dray, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of Animaj."Next year will mark the release of the 5th Season, a significant refresh of the brand that will bring exciting updates in character designs, and the introduction of Pocoyo’s little sister. POCOYO is a symbol of Spanish and European cultural excellence that has a clear potential to become a global franchise, through increased content investment. Our ambition is to elevate POCOYO to new heights, expanding its international presence and solidifying its position as a pre-school reference while staying true to its essence."

POCOYO's distinctive storytelling, vibrant visuals, and infectious music have captivated children over the past 20 years. Its enduring appeal and solid ratings are a testament to its undisputed charm. Animaj recognizes the diverse preferences of its young audience and will continue to deliver engaging content, including new regular seasons, made-for-digital content, spin-offs, music, and live experiences, leveraging the richness of the brand’s universe.

Through a digital-first approach, and  thoughtful use of technology to make content production more efficient, Animaj aims to turn POCOYO into a global multi-generational franchise, inspiring children all over the world to dream big and foster a lifelong passion for learning.